ZumoMotors for Netduino

I had purchased a Netduino 2 a few weeks back and wanted to try and make it work with my Zumo chassis for Arduino. Unfortuatenly I couldn’t find an existing ZumoMotors library for the Netduino, after a while for searching i finally gave up and decided to write my own.

The code is availabe on GitHub:



Example Usage:

ZumoMotors zmotors = new ZumoMotors();

//Set Left and Right Motors to go forward with 100% Speed
//Stop the Motors
//Set Left and Right Motors to go in reverse with 100% Speed
//Set Left Motor to 100% forward and Right Motor 50% forward


If you’re interested in purchasing your own Netduino or Zumo chassis you can find them here on Amazon:



*Note: While this code should work on the Netduino 2 Plus the ethernet port for it will get in the way of it connecting to the male header pins of the Zumo Chasis, you would need to build an extender to lift it up.

*Note: It might be worthwhile to wait until blackfriday as Pololu will usually put deep discounts on their Zumos and give some away as doorbusters.

Omar Elabd

Omar Elabd

Omar Elabd is a software developer specializing within the .NET Framework. He has experience in developing Web and Desktop based applications using ASP.NET, MVC, WebAPI and WPF.
Omar Elabd
  • http://www.yuriystoys.com Yuriy K.

    Hi there,
    Did you have to make any physical modifications to the Zumo or Netduino to make them work?
    Thank you

    • http://www.omarelabd.net Omar Elabd

      No, nothing special for the Netduino V2. The Netduino Plus will not fit and you will need to add something to increase the height, I’d recommend female header pins if you have a Netduino Plus.