Kinect v2 Initial Thoughts and Resources

I recently acquired the Kinect v2 that was released on July 15th 2014.


Kinect v2

After going through the SDK samples i was thoroughly impressed with the capabilities of the Kinect v2 sensor. The projects sampled many of the Kinect v2 features such as Directional Audio, Infrared, Body (Skeletal) Tracking and Depth Sensing.


Kinect SDK Samples


However, the one thing missing from the SDK is KinectFusion. Kinect Fusion is used for creating 3D models (which you could potentially make a 3d print out of the models you’ve taken from the Kinect). You can request access for the KinectFusion preview by visiting the Kinect Forums.



Information and Specs:

The Kinect v2 is currently only available on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Devices. It is recommended to use a USB 3.0 connection as there is a lot of data to transfer

You can find more information on the Kinect Features here.


For programming the Kinect sensor a great resource is the Microsoft Virtual Academy class by Ben Lower and Rob Relyea. The class should be available by the first of August, but if you can’t wait you can  find the slides here.



You can download the SDK here.

You can purchase the Kinect v2 here. (You can get 10$ off the price by applying a 5% Microsoft discount which you can trivially acquire through the Bing Rewards Program)

You can find the Programming Guide here.

Omar Elabd

Omar Elabd

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Omar Elabd